Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hope and My Fading Memory

My Fading Memory

Well, I've started blogging, apparently a few times. And I have forgotten that I started blogging, all in the midst of wanting to start a blog. It must have been a few months ago that I started to experiment and I have a follower besides. How did that happen? I guess I should post again. She probably thinks I gave up, which I did, if forgetting is a form of giving up. Frustration happens quickly when it comes to figuring out technology and how it all works. So  here I find myself writing my second one.

Funny what we forget and why we forget. I blame it sometimes on my age and sometimes on the fact that I work with the elderly community. I wonder if it more often is a case of overload, trying to fit it all in a cramped space or time. I know I can forget where things are if I don't see them, like things in my cupboards. I've been known to overbuy the same item. You'd think sometimes I was saving up for an oncoming famine (which may not be a bad idea). It's all about clutter and disorganization. Yup, that's me. I've been fighting with it all my life.

What has that got to do with hope? Oh, yeah, hope is my subject. It's what I write about, using my life as a platform. "Having Our Perspective Enlarged" is my acrostic from the Lord on this word; my view transformed to His view. After all His view is a little different from mine, since He sees it all and my eyes and understanding are so very limited. There is no cramping into a small space for Him. He doesn't lose things or shove things to the back. Everything is laid out plain before Him, from the beginning to the end, of which, by the way, He is both, beginning and end, and He is eternal. That means there really is neither beginning nor end. That will take a little processing.

So enlarging my perspective is like making more space, being less hurried and less anxious. See, I tried to figure out the blog sites, apparently started a couple of them, became occupied with what I couldn't do and then just stacked them together and pushed one in front of the other until they all were hidden from view and memory. And it's so easy to lose our purpose and our vision for what we do. My vision is that I can express hope to others. Not to the ones who are looking for the fancy, for the clone, for the same thing they read yesterday. I want you to see what God's eyes see, the miracles and phenomena that only He can translate into your heart. You are an individual. He is personal with each person. He made each one in His image, yet each one unique. He can speak in a singular manner and bring His unequaled truth and understanding to give you purpose and worth in whatever state you find yourself.

So I need more space in my heart and mind so I can know how to prioritize what God gives me. Right now I have this blog. Pictures may or may not follow. For now I will let my words paint pictures. The Lord is a greater photographer and artist than I will ever be.

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