Saturday, July 7, 2018


A polka-for thought on the word "vacation"

I solemnly am thinking I will not see an ocean this summer, except in posts on Facebook. It is not one of my happy thoughts. When I conjur up a vacation in my head it always includes an ocean.

I did however take one. In fact I am still on it. It started when a situation arose that I had no answer for; a dilemma of insoluble resolve. It took a day or two, but I packed up and went on vacation. I vacated from food for 24 hours (I still had liquids). I vacated from people's opinions and voices infiltrating my thoughts. I spent time alone, in prayer, in the scriptures and in a place where I was listening for the one and only one who could possibly put my heart at rest.

While I did this, I continued my life, my responsibilities and my relationships, but with a greater severity of purpose. I found that this severity came from a combination of all these things.
I am still here. I have no answers…..but, I have.

Still…an ocean would be nice.

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