Friday, April 6, 2018

Breaking Point

The word is release,  just short, incomplete thoughts to spark thought.

Release! Ha,  I wish we could be released from these viruses! I had a cold for 7 days. It took my energy,  my strength, my perspective. I sat around like a beached whale whimpering like a puppy. I was annoying, even to myself. I am not a good sick person. The basic symptoms ended, but weeks later I am still looking for my energy level, the virus, I believe, settling into a different area of my body. It's not just me. Others I know are going through the same thing.

Like waves in the ocean, such is life. It seems we are released from one trial and yet another one is right behind it,  or more the case, overlapping. I looked up the different waves. Each one has its own construction and release based on the depth of the water, the length of the wave and the velocity of the wind. They all do have a breaking point, where the wave crashes and is released.

Such the waves in the Christians life often reflect the depth, length and velocity of our relationship to God and people. We cannot stop the trials from coming or life from happening. The joy is that we will one day be released from our bodies of death into a body incorruptible.

Until then, I wish I was healthy!