Thursday, November 5, 2015

Waves of Hope in the Midst of Fear

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf. " Heb 6:19,20.

Shimmering sunlight dances off the water. The lake is lined with lush maples, oaks and birches, all stretching their branches toward the sky. Not billows, but bright streaks of clouds are painted artistically and sparsely on a canvas of cyan blue. Observing, we see clusters of red and orange leaves reminding us of the early signs of autumn and as the dread of winter fills my head I can't help but envision the beauty of the season as it approaches.

Above us perched on a branch is a hawk, or is it an eagle? We can't quite tell from where we sit. Across us camouflaged against the rushes a heron stands perfectly still and focused, probably eyeing his dinner. And I am relaxed in the middle of a lake sitting in a kayak, laughing inside, amazed. Why? Because I do not do lakes for they have no sides within reach. I do not do water over my head, except in a pool, and I do not do boats. A lifetime of fighting fears within and without, I am distracted now by beauty and by friendship. And I wonder if sunlight is dancing off of us, causing us to glisten. There are no waves. The air is still. We couldn't have asked for more serene waters.

For a brief time I look around and wonder what is the depth of the water below and my grip on the paddles tighten. What is my friend saying to me? I hear her voice but the words don't make sense. I rdon't want fear to win again. My mind scrambles to put things in perspective. Focus. The kayak is cradling me in the supporting water below, there is beauty all around and I am building a friendship.

The disciples are on a boat. They were fishermen. This wasn't the first time. As the wind tossed the sea they looked out and saw Jesus. He beckoned Peter to walk to Him on the water and with his eyes and mind focused he stepped out towards Him. When he realized where he was and took his eyes off of Jesus and onto the waves, he was down; impulsive, yes, but obedient. If He had not looked down he would have walked further.

Jesus wants relationship. He is the hope dwelling within me. Fear puts that hope on trial every time it appears. It accuses the hope within and questions its validity, bringing to the surface natural limitations, past failures and present problems.There will always be contrary winds of doubt and roaring waves of distractions trying to steal my hope. As unstable as my vision is sometimes, His vision of me is fixed. His hope anchors me, and when you know the anchor is strong, you have peace and the peace that Jesus gives is like no other.

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  1. Good for you, Mary, for overcoming your fears of lakes and boats and allowing your trust muscle to grow as you used it this day.

    Thank you for this: Fear puts that hope on trial." Jesus is our hope, our everything. There is nothing He cannot do for us when we open our hearts to him.

    Thank you for the reminder of Jesus as our anchor, worthy of our trust.