Friday, June 22, 2018

Oceans...A Poem

I am
One drop of water in an ocean
A single decibel of sound in the universe
A joule in this force of current

I am not
Consumed in the waves
Unheard in vociferous confusion
Short circuited in the circulating stream

Christ is
My lifeboat in the waters
My frequency in the cacophony
My source of energy in the dead zones

Oceans of vast provision
Oceans of hope
Oceans of grace

Often seen in
Streams in the valley
Springs in dry ground
Trickling in and through the crevices of jagged rock

Christ is an ocean of love in every place


  1. Beautiful poem!

    “My frequency in the cacophony“ is such a powerful line!

    Your FMF neighbor this week

  2. Oceans of vast provision, oceans of hope, oceans of grace. I needed to be reminded of those right now! His supply is unlimited. Thank you!

  3. Stunning... Really loving this, especially:
    "Christ is
    My lifeboat in the waters
    My frequency in the cacophony"

  4. This is BEAUTIFUL!

    Someone once told me, as I had a reputation for being accident-prone, that I was a walking collapsing circuit...