Saturday, April 29, 2017

Kate Motaung five minute Friday
The word is "More"

//More, Please

What do I want more of? Right now, sleep. I’m fighting nausea coupled with bouts of blurred vision and unbalanced gait as I sit waiting for my car to be checked out. A sporadic shimmy in my steering wheel, accompanied by a shimmy in my  body prompted my attention. I am hoping for an easy fix. So sleep will have to wait. What I want more of is on hold for the time being.

How often do we get as much as we want when we want it. How much more is too much? I accept the extra cup of coffee knowing my body has had it's limit. I'm waiting for the conversation to emerge into a real relationship. How many more episodes do I watch at one sitting? Each one is fashioned for continuance. Overeating isn't about the taste, it’s about the hunger that can't be satisfied.//

Both light without shadow and total darkness would leave us blinded. We were created for both. We cannot handle too much of anything. I find even being immersed in the love of God for an afternoon can leave me wanting later on. The light needs filtering, so the darkness revealed when I am out of it’s presence does not steal all of it’s brightness and glory in me. God is reserving His total light for heaven were there will be no darkness at all. Only then will I be able to handle it. In the meantime I must process through everything that love touched. It has not only healed, but has opened the wounds. Authentic love can hurt.

What does God give me more of? James 4:6 says “He giveth more grace to the humble.” In my constant state of desiring satisfaction in a body that cannot sustain itself autonomously, when I surrender my needs to Him, His grace is abundant. How much more do I really want? I may have to wait for a lot of things in this life, but grace is always available to me.


  1. Grace is such a beautiful gift; totally unmerited and undeserved. It's pure gift!

  2. First, Mary, hope you're soon feeling better.

    Love the note that in either pure light or pure shadow, we're blind. We need chiaroscuro.

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog earlier:) i enjoyed your post today.

  4. Thanks for reading my blog "neighbor". I'm pondering the thought that we can't handle too much of anything..whether positive or negative! Have a great day!

  5. Beautifully written! I hope you've gotten the rest you've needed and are feeling better today. I especially loved how you ended your five minutes. Thankful God's grace is always available to us. Have a beautiful week!

  6. Especially well written Mary; I enjoyed this one quite a bit. No need to be self-deprecating!! You're an artist.