Friday, February 3, 2017

I’m writing again with Kate Motaung five minute Friday
I know I thought I wouldn't do this anymore, but I decided it is a good exercise for this wannabe writer. And yeah, I wrote for five minutes and then some. I'm a slow thinker.

Breathe Easy

//Breathing moves us into the next moment. Life continues only because we breathe. “God breathed into his nostrils and the man became a living being.” Gen 3:6. God exhaled into us His life so we could inhale and exhale it back to each other; a constant exchange of life between life. What a precious gift, and probably the least recognized until we are grasping for it.// Think of every blood cell carrying oxygen to your heart so you can breathe. Yet just think of the things that constrict our breathing. All of the toxins of pollution, smoking and chemicals that we can never thoroughly escape. Yet the rejuvenation and resuscitation of our amazing, created bodies can keep us surviving so much.

What about the spiritual? I Think of the toxicity of words. Words that I inhale into my thinking and exhale into others have power. They can motivate and lead to more life or they can constrict, causing labored breathing in the soul. We can bring life or death with our words. We can breathe out hate and distrust, or encouragement and hope. I know that I have done both. I have caused many a soul attack. Yet I somehow am being resuscitated  all the time.

What resuscitates the soul?

One thing I believe is the prayers of others. Oh, how I seem to breathe easier when I know someone is praying for me. I feel the surge of spiritual adrenaline propel my soul. Even if physically drained I know my soul is still breathing. Jesus rebuked the disciples for not praying with Him in His greatest hour of need in the Garden of Gethsemane. He prayed so earnestly He sweat drops of blood. His prayer took Him to the cross.

Where will our prayers take us? Where will they take others? Inhaling and exhaling the breath of God.


  1. Your opening words could have been mine. But I'm so glad you wrote these good thoughts and posted them. I am also slow at both thinking and typing and took extra time today especially because I'd cut my left forefinger and couldn't type with it. (There's a challenge for an already poor typist!) It's interesting to me that your marveling at God's repeated resuscitations echoed my marveling at the healing ability he put into our bodily design, when a wound I'd thought might require a visit to dr or emergency room finally stopped bleeding and began its healing process. This is a beautiful post about a beautiful Creator God and his beautiful healing gifts, especially prayer. Thank you for publishing. God bless. Sylvia R @

  2. Yes Sylvia, I noticed the similarities in our posts this week. I make it a habit not to read anyone else's until I post my own. It's always a confirmation to me to see God communicate His mind in different words and stories. Thanks for your encouragement.