Friday, March 4, 2016

There Is Hope In Those Holes

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not". Gal 6:9

I finally have a morning off. I mean, yeah, I have one a week, but here is an extra and I'm saying it couldn't have come soon enough. The days fly and can seem downright mundane, and I feel I get nothing done that should be done. Is it just me, a never-ending circle of repetitive acts that take up most of my life? I'll have more time tomorrow, but you know it never seems to come. I wonder what's the sense. Today I sleep in (yes, 7 am is 'in') and at 9 I am still in the nightclothes. Supper is in the oven and that's about all I can muster up. 

So I trudge upstairs to change the litter box. And as I am hauling it downstairs I notice a hole and the litter is trailing out behind me; yes, down the stairs, through three rooms and out the door. So out come the dustmop, broom and dustpan and as I'm trying to hold all three one falls and knocks over the cat dish and the food is flying. I look over to see my cat lazily lift her head from the top of the couch as if annoyed to be woken up. My thoughts are "This is all your fault. Next time clean up your own mess." 

Yes, life is mundane and busy and we can get weary, but the holes in our own plans are often necessary to change our direction. Tangents out of the routine are not a cause for neglecting what is in front of us. The floors got done as well as a few other chores. The sleepy, lazy attitude changed to a hopeful one. And the cat slept on, never knowing what happened.

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