Friday, January 5, 2018

What Motivates Me

The word is Motivate
The first word for fiveminutefriday in 2018

//By myself I am unmotivated. Really, if it were up to me to get me going every day,  I wouldn't go anywhere. Never been a self motivated person. That is just the way it is. What does motivate me is others. I need others in my life. I need people to tell me I can do it. When I hear that,  I recall those words in times of discouragement. I need someone to believe it is possible and probable to live my life fully.

I need the Word of God. It tells me I am loved. It gives instruction,  exhortation,  admonishment and hope. It tells me how to be forgiven and how to forgive. It tells me how to love and what to love.

Think of our children. We instruct them,  guide them,  love them and motivate them. They always don't listen. Sometimes they do things according to their own philosophies of life,  as we do also. But we don't stop loving them. Neither does God when we go astray. He is patient; so much more so than we.

Motivation doesn't always look like “I’m revved up and ready to go”. Often it is in the daily routines,  the consistent activities where my motivation is revealed. My heart beats in a normal,  even pattern and cannot be felt and heard with my ears. If I can feel and hear it,  usually here is a problem. I think of true motivation that way,  not hyped up for an early burn-out. //

Jesus was highly motivated to do what the Father asked,  but He wasn't running crazy,  worrying about how He did every little thing or other's responses,  nor was he concerned about getting it all done in a specific time. He trusted the Father as He obeyed.

Obedience is key. I can't keep putting things off that Jesus has told me to do. There is no way to mask my unwillingness before Him. He knows the motives of my heart. I may fool others,  but not God.

This year I want to be motivated and also be a motivator for others,  encouraging them to live their life the way God wants. The only way one can know is to accept the Bible as the Word of God and begin to seek a personal relationship with Christ within its pages.

We need each other. Each of us needs Christ. We were not designed to be alone and totally self sufficient. Even God is a trinity. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,  working together to maintain the Spirit of oneness.


  1. Excellent, Mary. We do need each other. I love how you tie this to the trinity. You're absolutely right. Goodness, even God told Adam that it wasn't good for man to be alone. We draw strength from other each other. God bless you this 2018!

  2. You are right--we need the Word of God and the encouragement of community. Good points to consider as we begin this new year. I'm your neighbor at FMF.

  3. Yes, we definitely need each other's help to keep motivated. And obeying God and encouraging others to do that too is a great goal for the year! Visiting from FMF #19.

  4. Wonderful post Mary. I want to do what God has called me to do too. How can He not be incredible motivation right there? I guess for me fear does rear its ugly head, but our God is not a God of fear, is He?
    I want to stay motivated, and really be a motivator. Thank you for sharing your encouragement. :)

    Visiting from FMF #68
    Have a wonderful weekend!