Friday, October 6, 2017

Who is Writing Your Story?

I'm back with and the word is "story"

//If I could write my own story I would have written it differently. It would have successes and adventures. People would leave it at their bedside and perhaps dream to emulate it in part. There would be no endless chapters of sickness with no healing, death with no resolve, heartbreak with no mending. Questions would not be frayed, unraveling and hanging loose as a worn out garment. Of my cast of characters not a one would bear a stain for others to trace back to me and my folly. All this if I could write my own story.

But what stories do I like to read? The one I have described? No way. I enjoy the mysteries, the dramas. I like the distant settings, the eras before me and the unknowing fiction and imaginations of the future. If I wrote my own story the way I planned it, perhaps I would not even read it. It would have no taste, leave no hunger for even finishing it, never mind a sequel. It would lull my senses to sleep, not transport them to a dream.//

Controlled script is not really life. When we try to write it out, things go awry. The unexpected happens, the pages turn, bringing all the nasty, discouraging hopeless events into the story. My life is neither what I dreamed, planned or hoped for. Yet, someone else is writing on these pages. There is a bigger story than just mine going on.

NCIS, the popular crime solving show is on its fifteenth season. What makes it popular is not only the crime being solved. There are so many more stories they added into the script. Stories of relationships formed, developed and yes, some broken, just like my life. They are not all happy. But I know it's fiction and next week is another episode.

I, on the other hand, don't have complete control. How much I would miss out on if I did. I would not know what faith is, nor trust, nor forgiveness, given or received. I wouldn't learn that hate can transform to love, mercy can set someone free and a little understanding can change a life, possibly mine. All of these things are the elements of love.

I have a Savior who wants to finish writing my story. I gave Him the rights to it when I accepted Him into my life. He knows the ending and just how it will play out in other’s lives. You see, my story is not just about me, but about others. Those before me affected me, and those after me will be affected by me. God knows how, I don't.

What do you think of your life? How are you doing with it? If it's not in Jesus hand, maybe ou are trying to write your own story. If it is, then believe it is, following and trusting Him with it. He has His/story written for us. That's a true story to read!

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