Saturday, February 13, 2016

To all the women in and out of my life..

Oh my strength, I will sing praises to You;
For God is my stronghold, the God who shows me lovingkindness. PSA 5:17

 I know the world is shouting it, almost demanding we pay attention. I want to whisper “Happy Valentine’s Day”, because I don’t want it to hurt. I know many feel a twinge of pain just thinking about it. There you are, broken, tired, hurting, alone, some recovering from ended relationships, some holding on to broken ones - wondering when and if it will ever be different. Here it is, in your face.

Love thrown at you wounds. It's not cupid's arrow, but a spear. And it’s not just you it strikes. It’s all of us, maybe not every day, in every way, but yeah, it’s there, underneath the surface. It’s always been a fight for us women, just to be heard, just to be noticed, just to be...loved. Part of that curse, the fight.

But wait,

WE Are Loved! ...YOU Are Loved!

Maybe we're so familiar with hearing the lies, we don't hear the soft spoken truth,

   "I have loved you with an everlasting love."

 Spoken by someone who is greater and stronger and more capable than anyone on this earth because His love is not of this earth.

What things we do when we don’t recognize it!

We start acting like the unloved.

No one sees me, so I’ll….

No one hears me, so I’ll….

No one cares about me, so I’ll….

Fill in the blanks. For each of us it’s different, but we are all the same. And then we feel worse, because we never wanted to do those things in the first place. It was the hurt screaming out against all the demands we put ourselves and others under. Some end up more damaged than others. Life becomes altered and you feel more unloved than ever before.

But you are loved the same no matter what state you are in.

There is no road you can travel where Christ will not go.

He sees, he hears and He cares. You may not get flowers, but He is the Rose of Sharon. You may not get hearts, but He will transform your heart.  You may not even hear words of love but His Word is all about love.

Love is born from above. Love goes beyond all of the standards that earth puts on it.

It doesn't shout and flaunt itself in front of you. It whispers, "It is finished".

The cross was the great production of love!

His blood given was where He showed His heart!

His resurrection was the final victory over all the curse of sin and death.

Now it can whisper.
Surrender and listen.
And celebrate a life of love.


  1. This is inspirational even for women who are in a committed, loving relationship.

    1. Yes, it is for all! Thank you for reading. Please visit again.